She only has 1 week to figure out a way to pay her fathers debts or die.. meanwhile is she the lady Mr. Black has sworn to protect?

Once Upon a Masquerade - Tamara Hughes

Nice Historical Romance. It started a bit slowly but then you couldn't have pried my hands away from my reader if the house was on fire!

Take a girl that had once been from a wealthy family, whose father has never gotten over her mothers death. He gambles himself into a real mess and she has 1 week to pay his debts or they will kill her.. But why kill THIS girl? What in the world will these men get from killing her?

Enter Mr. Black a man on a mission trying to find the girl of his late best friends dreams.. protect her... That was what he was charged to do.. did this girl kill his friend or was she his love?

The only clue a hair comb.. and the matching one he spots in a house maids hair as she is playing a wealthy heiress.. though it takes him a while to realize this lady once spilled tea on him.

Now it got me why does the other maid in the story push her into playing an heiress and then suddenly go with her every where? Why is she seen with the man she is encouraging her friend to become a mistress too?

And still how to keep her alive, make the money to pay for her fathers debts.. yet would that even save her life? And why do they want her dead?

Will her love interest Mr. Black save her or turn her in as his friends murderer?

Don't let the slow start get you bogged down.. when this gets going the plot twists and turns have you thinking and jumping and looking for clues.

Add in a crazy guy who loves to dress in odd costumes including walking around in his union suit :) Makes for a great read!

I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.