Love Em or Hate Em it beats doing the dishes!

I love reading! I read the full works of William Shakespeare at the age of 11 and not only loved it but could explain a lot of it.. after that you could often find my nose in one book or another. I have fallen in love with ereaders and the fact that you can take a book with you on your phone! Reviewing books and sharing my love of them is something I enjoy doing in the little bit of free time I have. I hope my reviews help you find a few good books to read!

This book has it all! HOT, Sexy and Panty dropping good! I so wish Eden were real!!

Breaking Free (Invitation to Eden) - Cathryn Fox

An another amazingly hot book in the Eden series!
She has to hide her true identity to to her father. He works for her father as an undercover body guard and babysitter. Neither can get out from the nasty mans hands. Even though she figures out who he really is she want's him and does anything she can to tempt him. He controls himself tightly but wants to make her dreams become reality. So he sets it up for her to unknowingly go to Eden and all of her dreams even the most impossible one of all becomes true for them both!

This book has it all! HOT, Sexy and Panty dropping good!

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Another sexy and sintillating Eden story. Boy I wish this place was real!

Fight For Me (Invitation to Eden Series) - Sharon Page

Another panty dropping HOT and Sexy book added to the Eden series!

I really got evolved in this book and read it overnight it was so consuming.

I don't like to give things away but I was disappointed how it ended..I know it's a lead in to another book in a separate series..I was just so caught up in fighting for both of them lol!

To hot guys fighting for the love of one tough really gets fun! I totally recommend checking out this Eden series book!

I received an ARC in exchange for my...more

She likes things new and Shiny, He likes things Old and polished. Can they come together thanks to Old Uncle Erol?

Flirty - Cathryn Fox

Another great addition to this series!  He's up to his matchmaking ways again. This time with Alexis who wants to take an old home and make it ultra modern to prove something to her big brothers. Sam's a special kind of guy who can take something old and make it magic, but the last time he did he was scared for life and took off running after Ghosts..leaving a few in his own closet. Lets just say things get hot between the two of them.. literally! I hate to give things away in a review but there are ghosts around every corner!

I received an ARC in return for my honest review

Avery Aster Does it again!!

Love, Lex - Avery Aster

OMG! Avery Astor does it again! Her stories make you laugh..surprise you at every turn and still make you HOT under the collar!! her mom is a piece of work.. drugs, sex and rock and roll truly sum her up.

I'm not one to give things away but when the apartment blows up you will be dumbfounded by the reasons.. can we say series of horrible events!

Add in a hot Biker cop, jail time..and trying to avoid the tabloids she's in once again and you have a great book!

(I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review)

Holy Hell Batman!

Yours Truly, Taddy - Avery Aster

Holy Hell Batman!! This book will knock your socks off! I could never guess what was coming next in the Way Hot book! I love all the characters and what happens to Taddy.. well I want you to be as surprised as I was or else it will ruin the fun. But things go crazy for her and her group of BFF'S and VBF'S and GBF.

This story is mainly about Taddy..but I love how they all interact..especially the guys along for the ride..can we say Hot! Even these snotty Frenchman throw curveballs her way!

The only negative I have to say about the book..I SOOOOOOOO wish it was longer!! It's a great panty melting, heart stopping, plane ripping book..shhh I just gave away a teeny part!

(I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review)


She only has 1 week to figure out a way to pay her fathers debts or die.. meanwhile is she the lady Mr. Black has sworn to protect?

Once Upon a Masquerade - Tamara Hughes

Nice Historical Romance. It started a bit slowly but then you couldn't have pried my hands away from my reader if the house was on fire!

Take a girl that had once been from a wealthy family, whose father has never gotten over her mothers death. He gambles himself into a real mess and she has 1 week to pay his debts or they will kill her.. But why kill THIS girl? What in the world will these men get from killing her?

Enter Mr. Black a man on a mission trying to find the girl of his late best friends dreams.. protect her... That was what he was charged to do.. did this girl kill his friend or was she his love?

The only clue a hair comb.. and the matching one he spots in a house maids hair as she is playing a wealthy heiress.. though it takes him a while to realize this lady once spilled tea on him.

Now it got me why does the other maid in the story push her into playing an heiress and then suddenly go with her every where? Why is she seen with the man she is encouraging her friend to become a mistress too?

And still how to keep her alive, make the money to pay for her fathers debts.. yet would that even save her life? And why do they want her dead?

Will her love interest Mr. Black save her or turn her in as his friends murderer?

Don't let the slow start get you bogged down.. when this gets going the plot twists and turns have you thinking and jumping and looking for clues.

Add in a crazy guy who loves to dress in odd costumes including walking around in his union suit :) Makes for a great read!

I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.